Do You See What I See?

Heading west

I drive

A glow

Makes me feel alive

Flaming orange sphere

Sitting on the edge of the world

It is on fire

I catch my breath

So bright I can’t look at it

But so mesmerizing I can’t look away

As it shoots over the skies

Painting the clouds with warm life

And it is so enticing

I’m not sure if I want to be wrapped in it’s warmth

Or refreshed by it

Like orange sherbet on a hot summer day

Shooting Stars


Shooting your stars

Send one my way

I’m not that far

Just a few million light years

Easier travelled than wiping my

Million tears

It’s all I need

A spark of light

In the dead of night

To illuminate the darkness

You’re a god, you can do this

You can put me in a state of bliss

What’s that you say?

I’ve gone astray?

Shooting stars have come my way?

Reach out and grab them?

Embrace the Milky Way?

There it is

I can just about touch it

I’m on my way

I will grab my fate

I will lasso my destiny

Let it bring what may

I have only today

Tomorrow is the unknown

Only wishes wished like the balloon that’s been blown

Hoping happiness through it will be shown

Wishes I wish

Upon a star

Though I know not where you are

For you’ve shot across my sky of night

I wish I could take hold of you in flight

For wishes are our dreams of night

And dreams are what I wish for tonight

Dreams of love

Dreams of life

Dreams of what was the last fortnight

I will wake up

But the truth is known

Known and believed

Memories retrieved

You are mine

Can’t deny time

I will wait

In a state




True Blue

Blue eyes

Sparkling with love

Shining with hope

Pitched aside and left singing the blues

Pain so true

Heart hurts the worst

Always the first

To carry the burden

Of the mind, body and soul

Looking up in desperation

Blue Skies


With sparkling love

Shining hope


New life

In this soul

That will always be



Dream Weaver

And you were there

With a smile on your face

We were outside



As if all were forgotten

Maybe even forgiven

I looked around

To see if maybe it was just a dream

The others were there

Talking to me

It was really true

The smile on my face could not be bigger

My heart could not be fuller

I watch your every move

Drinking in your smile

Soaking it in like a sponge

Knowing I will remember this moment forever

The moment of new beginnings

The sun is so bright

I find myself staring at the ceiling fan




With a smile on my face

Because all is right with the world again

Until the shocking realization

That I have just woken up

The heaviness returns

But not before I revel in that happy feeling for a moment longer

I can’t help but wonder if what they say is true

That dreams really do come true

The Scrap Pile

The train pulls out of the station

Leaving behind that which grips my heart, soul and mind

Burning flame that once fueled this fire

Has left my heart frozen with desire

In the distance the flickering flame gets

Smaller and smaller

Until it is but a mere speck of a memory

As the sound of the tracks dull my senses

Reveals the agony

Piece by piece you’ve torn me apart

Like the scraps in the junkyard

That lay scattered

The train passes them by

Images flash before my eyes

Revealing my shattered heart

Tossed in a heap

Laying lifeless like the scrap

At the mercy

Of the



Piercing Pain

Shooting your daggers

I should be immune by now

But they hit me

With such a

P O W !!!

Straight to the heart

From hurt and anger it

Took its start

The piercing

Creates a frenzy so

Fierce it

Takes my breath

I try to fake

At best

A heartbeat

But yet It



Hanging On To Hope

Do you think of me

When you wake up

Or as you drift off to sleep

At night

Do you keep

My memory tucked away

Somewhere out of sight

But not out of mind I hope

Yes I hope

To see your smile once again

Every second of every day

I send

My love to you

On a note

Tucked away in the beak

Of the great winged carrier

I pray it is strong enough

To break the barrier

You have built

Inside your



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